Paper Submission and Registration

If you’re interested in submitting and presenting your paper or planning to participate in any event of the 19th International Symposium of FSTPT, please firstly create a free personal account for yourself in the following link:

FSTPT Event Management Website

Your personal account in the website will allow you to deal with various tasks pertaining to your  participation in the symposium. These include:

  • submitting your paper
  • receiving the results of paper review
  • submitting the final (camera-ready) version of your paper
  • registering as participant in various events of the symposium (workshops, symposium, and social program)
  • receiving invoice to be paid prior to the symposium
  • uploading your proof of payment and receiving the receipt of your payment
  • receiving unique QR-code for on-site registration
  • receiving certificate of participation in an electronic form

Submitting your paper

There is no call for abstract for the symposium. You are expected to directly submit the full paper. The event management website provides a downloadable FSTPT paper template in .docx format. Please use this template for composing your paper. In your first submission of a paper, you are required to leave blank the author information section in the paper. This is to expedite blind-review process. In the electronic form accompanying each paper submission, however, a complete author information (name and institution) must be provided. If your paper is accepted later on, you will be asked to submit the camera-ready (final) version of the paper. This time, you shall write down the authorship information in the paper.

Account owner’s name in the event management website is directly linked to the name that will appear on the certificate(s) of participation. Therefore, please use your personal account to submit your own paper(s), i.e. you are the lead- or co-author of the paper and you intend to be the presenter of it at the symposium. Submitting other’s paper using your account is discouraged.

You may submit more than one paper but  please consider the possibility that all your papers are accepted and you are required to make presentations for all of them. All accepted papers will be collected and an electronic copy (files) of all papers will be distributed for all symposium participants. Only accepted papers which are presented at the symposium will be included in FSTPT Proceedings or or will have a chance to be selected for publication in FSTPT’s Jurnal Transportasi.

Receiving the results of paper review

After a successful submission, your paper(s) will undergo a peer-review process. When the process has completed, you should receive an acceptance status of your paper (either accepted or rejected), including some comments for improvement. Please periodically log-in to the website to check for a reviewer’s decision on your paper(s). Page Important Dates provides an approximate period of paper review process and date of disclosure of review results.

Submitting the final (camera-ready) version of your paper(s)

Final (camera-ready) version of paper(s) are also submitted to us through the website using you personal account. This is done after you revise accepted paper(s) according to the comments and suggestions put forward by your reviewer(s). Also, be reminded that you are now required to write down all author-related information in the paper.

Registering as participant of symposium related events

Registration of participants for all symposium-related events opens in August 1 until September 30 (2 weeks before the symposium’s D-day). Please note that submission of camera-ready paper alone does not guaranty a position for presenting your paper. To make a presentation, you are still required to register as a participant of the symposium.

Those who would like to attend the symposium without presenting a paper are also required to register as participants. In addition to the symposium, independent workshops and social programs conducted in October 11 and 13 each requires separate registration should you choose to participate. All these can be done easily and conveniently through the website.

Please note that each event of independent workshops comes with limited number of seats. You can monitor remaining number of seats available through you personal account. Due to the limited seating capacity, registration for workshops is conducted on first-come-first-served basis.

Receiving invoice to be paid prior to the symposium

Invoice would be generated automatically in the website according to your registration for selected event(s). Information on outstanding amount and bank account for settling the payment is given in the invoice. We strongly encourage you to settle the payment no later than September 30, 2016 (about 2 weeks prior to the symposium).

Uploading proof of payment and receiving the receipt of your payment

Having the payment settled, you are required to upload the proof of payment in a picture format (.jpg) in your account. This will lend us a great help in confirming your payment and sending back the receipt of your payment electronically. Printable receipt of payment will appear in your account after we are able to verify your payment.

Receiving QR-Code for verification

Upon a successful and verified payment, the website automatically generate a QR-Code (2-dimensional barcode) for each event in which you are registered as participant. You will be asked to show the code on the on-site registration desk for scanning and verification. For the symposium, each successful submission of a paper will generate a QR-Code. Please show the code to the organizing committee prior to your presentation for scanning and verification.

Receiving certificate of participation in electronic form

Printable certificate of participation for each event in which you are registered will be provided in your account duly signed electronically by Chair of FSTPT and Rector of Islamic University of Indonesia. For presenters, an electronic certificate will be produced for each paper presented.